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Things we did before smartphones came into our lives!

 Things we did before smartphones came into our lives!

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives for the day to day needs and want. You can do almost anything with a smartphone nowadays, Legally. From books to love, there is an app for everything. But does it always benefit us or is it harmful in ways that we are not able to see and comprehend as people who have become addicts of comfort and convenience provided at the tap of a screen? There are a lot of things that are still are worth doing without the technologically advanced gadgets and we'll name a few for you.

1. Dating:

Social media and dating apps have made people that apps like these will make them more available and help them socialize more than ever, This might be true for being more available, but it's better to go out actually approach them as human beings and try striking the competition. Not only it will make you know people better, you'll also learn a lot of things than trying to fix a date on an electronic chat.

2. Memories:

Cherishing memories and old times have been a habit of people and keeping mementoes of those times have always had a better feeling than digitally collected data on your cloud space. A bracelet, a teddy bear or handwritten letters have a homely feeling to them when you open them after years of preserving. It takes a lot of effort in making them and that is one of the reasons it has attached meaning to it.

3. Printed Photographs:

Social media and the digital age and brought upon the flooding of photographs on Facebook and Instagram rather than developing the hard copy through the hand-made process in the black room. Developed photographs have a personal and vintage touch to it and sharing those meant sitting with actual people and telling them how that photograph was a glimpse of your life rather than hitting the share button on your social media and letting know 100's of people about what you did the night before and most of them won't even have that level of personal relations to feel what you experienced in the photo.

4. Shopping:

Going shopping with your friends and family was a whole different event altogether before smartphones. Cringing over painful feel by walking in markets and bargaining with common vendors while having one of your favorite street food on the go was the test of patience and excitement of buying new things that made it a bittersweet experience. But, nowadays shopping has just become about doing online and ordering your products through courier whilst you laze around your place.

5. Drawing and Artistic endeavors:

Touchscreens are the new canvases and styluses are new pencils. Technology can advance, but it cannot enhance art as pencils and brushes have been used for thousands of years and have resulted in gorgeous writings and paintings that a metal stick with some sensors cannot pull off.