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Karan Patel clears air about rift with Ekta Kapoor

Karan Patel clears air about rift with Ekta Kapoor

Every day hordes of youngsters come from all over India and abroad come to Mumbai Mayanagari to fulfil their dream of entering glamour world. But not many get lucky to survive the cut throat competition without the help of a Godfather or a Mentor.

Ekta Kapoor is one such prominent name which has introduced numerous fresh talents as well as revived careers of many existing celebs. But there are few who are known to be her closest buddies. Karan Patel aka ‘Raman Bhalla’ from Kapoor’s TV show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ is one such lucky actor. But looks like the difference has been crept up between Kapoor and her blue eyed boy!

Karan recently visited a rival channel’s show that may have not gone down very well with Ekta. Karan has been following Bigg Boss this season and has been tweeting about it, especially about Hina Khan. As a result the channel invited him for the weekend episode. As per an inside source, “Ekta confronted Karan for visiting the said show. She felt that it was wrong on his part to go and promote another show.”

To clear the rumours, Karan’s spokesperson informed the media that, “There was no such problem between Karan and Ekta. Karan is not the kind of person to do something like this.”

At the moment, it looks like all is well between the two!