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Why Did Farah Call Kapil Mannerless on Social Media?

Why Did Farah Call Kapil Mannerless on Social Media?

Farah Khan, Bollywood’s famous director, film producer, actress and choreographer who is generally known for her bubbly and blunt nature seems to have been frustrated at our comedy king Kapil Sharma. Farah doesn’t easily lose her calm but she recently tweeted about “mannerless” people who think a WhatsApp is enough to invite her over for their preview. She tweeted,

"Dear Mannerless people, if you want me to attend your premiere/preview/party DON'T send me a "janta invite" on WhatsApp! You are not doing me a favour! The least you can do is make a personal call. If you can't find the time for it what makes you think I have time to get ready and come for you."


So what made Farah so furious? It is certainly meant for Kapil’s Firangi which premièred in the past week. This is because there were just two movies which released last week which were Firangi and Sunny Leone’s Tera Intezaar, but only Firangi had a proper screening. So it is natural to conjecture that the tweet was directed towards Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Sharma had a special screening last week for our B-town celebs but Farah told the press that it was not “just meant” for Kapil. She said,

"It was not just Kapil Sharma. There were two to three other events happening on the same day. I was referring to all of them,"

   Kapil invited many Bollywood stars, and many of them have already appeared on his famous show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” but a majority of them did not turn up and Kapil had to end up watching the movie with Himesh Reshammiya, Palak Muchhal, Abbas-Mustan, Ravi Dubey and Nora Fatehi.


It seems it wasn’t just because of the “Janta invite” but after the comedian’s broil with his co-star Sunil Grover he has constantly been avoided by many celebrities. There have also been instances when the actor kept stars like Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn waiting and then left without filming the episode due to Kapil’s absence. He also failed to appear on Akshay Kumar’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

Although Kapil did give the blame of his absence to illness and Firangi was supposed to bring back his past image and get back in everyone’s good books. Firangi’s official collection at the box office is unknown but we hope it does well and wish the comedian and actor luck in his future endeavors.