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Mythological shows are 200 percent more work than soaps

Tinaa Dattaa -- Iccha of 'Uttaran' -- on her first experience with a mythological drama in 'Shani

Mythological shows are 200 percent more work than soaps

Tinaa Dattaa is getting all dolled up these days for 'Shani'. In stark contrast to her earlier show 'Uttaran' where she played a maid's rag-clad, daughter, who looked surprisingly dolled up nonetheless, Tinaa will be playing a mythological character who's supposed to be dolled up since it's a costume drama.

Needless to say, she's excited, having tried to change her image from the gharelu bahu to a mini skirted hottie after 'Uttaran' went off air (with no results). “I've never done a mythological show,” pipes in the petite actress. Getting into the look is the high point of her shoot. “The look is fixed so that's fun. I have to basically get into the same costume and jewels every day,” she says (unlike her previous show where she didn't?)

“Shani' is 200% more hard work than daily soaps. Getting into the heavy costume (and acting in it) is not easy. I'm wearing double the amount of jewellery I wear on soaps. Even the guys take an hour to get ready here,” she says. Tinaa complains that the packing of her wig gets uncomfortable for her slender neck. “My head goes numb when I take it off,” she says. Yet, she smiles despite the discomfort. We understand your pain, girl.

Colors' show Shani took a generation leap (yes, mythological shows are using the gen-leap gimmick too) and Tinaa is playing Goddess Damini. The hyped up Gruh Yuddha is where the decked up goddess is set to shine. Damini will use her powers to help Shani fight Mangal. All the heavy burden Tinaa is carrying seems to be paying off since the early feedback for her role is positive. “People in the industry have been texting me that I am looking pretty in the costume,” says Tinaa who doesn't mind being eye candy in this war of the planets.