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Angad Hasija: Fear makes you successful

Tele baddie Angad Hasija believes arrogance can be one's undoing

Angad Hasija: Fear makes you successful

He is Chandar in Waaris, but Angad Hasija will always be remembered for his role in Bidaai. He talks about being in television for a decade.

On his role in Bidaai

“Sapna Babul Ka - Bidaai was a blessing. I am no longer on the show yet fans still tag me for the show's videos on social media. I am grateful for the appreciation. The show hit #1 in Turkey and is airing in Indonesia. I feel lucky to have been part of the show.”

On his decade-long TV career

“It has been a golden period ever since I moved to Mumbai. I started out with Waaris. Playing a schizophrenic man was challenging in my early days as an actor. I was working beside seasoned actors like Alok Nath and Seema Kapoor. I learnt a lot from them and the crew. It's been a tremendous 10 years.”

“The first time I faced the camera, I was nervous. After a decade in the industry, I still have butterflies in my stomach. I don't consider myself an old timer. After giving a take, I walk up to the director and ask him for feedback. I live by the maxim: 'Fear makes you successful, over-confidence brings you down.'”

On his character Chandar in Waaris

“Chandar is a different deal since he has negative shades. I am re-entering Waaris and the makers wanted to portray me differently. I wasn't sure how the reaction would be, but thankfully it has gone down well with everyone.”

“During my stint in Bidaai, fans would give me prasad and pray for me. Now, that I am the villain, people are judging my character. It's a good sign. That means I am doing my job well!”

On gruelling schedules

“Not everyone can work 12 hours straight. On the bright side, the shifts are strictly 12 hours long now. There was a time actors would work 50 hours at a stretch. I feel that if you love what you do, timing doesn't matter.”