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How Music Affects Us

How Music Affects Us

Have you ever felt the change in mood and temperament after listening to a song or the beats of the song makes you currently forget the problems you were over-analyzing about and make you groove to the lyrics of the song? There is a reason why music is one of the only things in the world that everyone enjoys and understands, even if it's not in their own native language (Gangnam Style). So here are some of the psychological and mental differences that tunes do to your mind.

1. Mood Altering:

Being a music lover and having a habit of listening to music while you get along with your work has been proven to lighten up your mood and make you work for efficiently and easily. Usually, Upbeat music having a pumped-up chorus and a nice drop has said to make your work more enjoyable. Sad music also has its positives as it helps you feel your emotions even deeper and in a more meaningful way.


2. My Chemical Romance:

Music affects your brains chemistry and juggles a lot of chemicals around to make you feel what the song is intended to be. The spike in neurotransmitters like dopamine helps activate the pleasure and reward centers of the brain making it you feel all happy-happy about your day. Oxytocin (also knows as the “trust molecule”) levels have been observed to be increased. This, in turn, makes music lovers more kind and trustworthy.        

3. Learning Curve:

Music has been scientifically approved and medically observed of having a positive impact on the learning curve of a normal human being. It has also shown improvements in IQ levels of fellow students and has been approved by better test scores, scored by students who listen to music as compared to the ones who don't. The boost in grasping power and ability to learn a language is one of the vital positives of music. So if you guys are learning while listening to music, It makes a difference.

4. Perspective, perspective:

Happy music makes us create an image of a happier world and people whereas sad music has a reverse imprint on the same. Music is such a powerful tool that it can alter perspectives and mindsets of people around you and helps in making a positive or negative impact respectively. This is the reason why you tend to listen to sad music when feeling dull and down and crave for a pop song whenever you feel like shakin a leg with your friends.​

5. Genre Predict Personality:

A study was conducted on a large group of couples who were given the top 10 songs of their partner and made to decipher their personalities on the basis of genre and beat of the song. They were basically tested on some parameters like emotional stability, openness to experience, extraversion and much more. This test surprisingly tested positive for some traits of the partner and proved how music taste can predict behavior and temperament for a person. Rock music enthusiasts tend to acquire more a creative outlook on life whereas Pop music is more outgoing fun people you meet on the dance floor.