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Tricks to learn formulas

Tricks to learn formulas

One of the main problems in studying is learning formulas. Many of us suffer from this problem. What we do is we learn the theory part and leave the formula part. But this is not right. Why to run away from what we fear. The best way is to get some tricky ideas so that we can face this fear of learning formulas. So here are some ways which can help you to learn formulas quickly.

First try to understand the formula

Many of us, what we do is because of fear with the formulas we get panic and font try to understand it. Whereas some formulas are easy if you slowly read it with its concept and then it becomes easy for you to memorise it.

Don’t mug up

Sometimes what happens is because we have to memorise the formula any which way, we go mugging up which we do not find any other way. But the idea of mugging up wrong. Mugging up is short term. After some day or hour we have the tendency of forgetting it. And then when you sit to solve any question, or sit for exams we forget everything.

Practise more and more

Practice makes the man perfect. As the proverb says you should practise the formulas more and more. Be it by solving questions or writing it on paper or shouting it louder. Practising it more and more will give you best results.

Try visual memory

It becomes very easy to remember a person when you see him/her once. Because the visual effect is more on our brain. So try visual methods to memorise the formulas. Watch some formula related videos or its application videos, it will be helpful for quicker grasp of the formula.

Find out the problem

When you have problem of learning a particular formula. First find out that where you have a problem. Finding your weaker section will let you improve more quickly and work on that area.