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The Genesis of your phone

The Genesis of your phone

Ever wondered about the medium through which we all are able to keep in touch with our loved ones, our very dear mobile phone? Well, it’s primary ancestor the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He was a Scottish scientist and inventor who is widely known for patenting and coining the first commercially usable telephone and the founder of the very famous American brand of telecommunications called American Telephone and Telegraph company in the year 1885.

His mother and wife were deaf, and most of his family members like his father, grandfather and brother were working on skills like elocution, speech, articulation, utterance etc.

He then, further experimented with speaking devices and hearing aids were derived from his research and work. He was the first person in the world to be awarded the U.S patent for the telephone in 1876.

He was so engrossed in his work and research that he didn’t have his own invention the telephone around him in the office to which he later confessed that it was a device that he felt would distract him. Something, which us millennials could learn from him.

As a kid, he displayed a lot of curiosity about his surroundings and that is one of the key reasons why he is credited as one of the most amazing inventors of that time. His mother started partially losing her ability to hear from the age of 12, hence he was very well versed with sign language to communicate with his mother and vibrational hearing techniques that they used in that era to usually converse in.

His ability to converse well with his mother led him to venture into the science of acoustics and noise vibration techniques that made conversation on both ends clear enough for the user to understand and hear the voice clearly.

The Bell family was widely known through the last two to three generations before him as elocution and speech experts. Due to his mother and wife being partial to fully deaf, Bell’s invention was something very well thought after.

Like his siblings a very early age, the great inventor was homeschooled by his father. Alexander was not a very literature worthy student and his interests and his main focus were caught up by sciences, even though his father was very demanding he was able to convince him to let him pursue his passion. He used to travel to his grandfather’s place in London, that’s where his love of learning fostered. He joined the University of Edinburgh, and later he was accepted by the University of London.

Bell’s father was always interested in his passion for sound and other speech-related studies.

Around 1874 his invention of the harmonic telegraph was under the formative stage. He was able to make use of undulating waves into modulated waves and made the first telephone on this principle. Using a liquid transmitter, he was able to make the telephone work. Around the same time, Elisha Gray was also a scientist working on acoustic technology, the same day Bell’s lawyer filed the patent. It’s still a debate whether who reached the patent office first.  

As history shows, we have a clear winner in the name of Bell, although some who were in the favor of Elisha Gray still say that Bell copied the design from Gray. We might never find out the truth but kudos to both these scientists for all their effort and work, it is because of them, we have the luxury of our phone