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Who invented your car?

Who invented your car?

The history of automobiles is one that took almost 2 centuries to actually run its whole course. It is divided into certain eras which include parameters like trends in styling, size, usage, and power. Thermodynamics, Dynamics and motion kinematics were the basic principles of almost all major automobiles present in the world back then. Francois De Rivaz was the first man in 1808 to make the first automobile or a ‘car' powered by an internal combustion engine, although one major difference was that this car was fueled by hydrogen and not petrol that we see today.

In the year 1769, a steam trolley was developed by Jonathan Holguinisburg. Then further moving 70 years or so down the line, came Siegfried Marcus who made the first gasoline or petrol, as it's known in some parts of the world, powered combustion engine. He managed to mount the entire machine engine assemble on a pushcart, building four such prototypes that were put onto cars (2 cycles or 2 stroke engine) over a span of a decade or more. A lot of engineers took his research to be the guiding light for future innovations. Marcus was also successful in making a four-cycle or 4- stroke engine in 1880. He even designed a carburetor system for the car and magnetic induction system.

Vehicle dynamics were given little or no importance at that time and Marcus in those days with limited resources and technology even made headway into unchartered waters of Vehicle Dynamics and innovated a custom design of a steering wheel, a clutch, and brake system.

Later the gasoline cycle was termed as the Otto cycle, patented by Nicolaus Otto, which further led to improvements in all sorts of engines whether diesel or gasoline.

Lead acid batteries and electric batteries were also taken care of and were first introduced in the year 1859 and unlike today they were with very little range and mankind has taken almost half a century just too perfect them.

Now with some progress in all strata of the automobile industry globalization happened and the automobile was becoming popular. Karl Benz developed a gasoline-powered fully functional automobile and it was coined as the first ever produced automobile.

They were powered by a single cylinder 2 stroke engine. Few years passed without much development and then came to the ‘world famous' FORD MODEL T. It was the first time that an American had ventured into this field of engineering. Around 1908 it became the first-ever mass-produced car. It sold like hot cakes and is considered a heritage in the car world history.

By 1927 Ford was able to produce 15,000,000 Model T's and they then came out with a second version called the Model A. Post 1950's lots of automobile companies enhanced their designs and kept coming up with new technologies and idea that we see even today.

A lot of manufacturers came out with new technologies and the industrial revolution post World War 1 and 2 was kick-started by the jobs and opportunities created by the world of automobiles. The history of motorsports is also linked with the production of cars from various brands. There's a famous phrase that goes around in the car world which is ‘Motor Racing started the minute, the second car was produced and sold into the world.'

Till this date, we have been able to conquer a lot into the world only because there was a need for it in the automobile industry. Be its iron and steel or electronics, the world of cars has been a very informative and profitable one.