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Bad habits that are actually good for you

Bad habits that are actually good for you

All day round we hear people advising us from what to eat to the habits that are not so good for us, but as we start learning for ourselves we are able to better distinguish things. So we prepared a list for you of the things when taken in a moderate amount won’t hurt you, in fact might just be able to help you.

1. Beer:

An alcoholic beverage that people usually prefer to take with their meals, beer is a common drink throughout North America and Europe. It is made from Hops,  a rich source of flavonoid which is mainly rich in antioxidants. Xanthohumol, a flavonoid found in beer is used essentially in the chemotherapy of cancer patients. The health benefits of beer include an increase in bone density, prevention of dementia, treatment in kidney stones and diabetes. It is mostly importantly consumed as a stress buster and in the state of hypertension. Intake of a pint of beer a day isn’t really going to harm you might just help you out with some conditions. But too much of it is not advisable.

2. Coffee:

The socially and universally energy drug. People start their morning with a cup of coffee and get on with their work like some workaholic monsters. Yes some might state that it gives our body the right energy boost that we need in our hectic lifestyle but it is highly addictive. If consumed in the right quantity and avoiding its over consumption, coffee can help your body to not likely develop the type 2 diabetes. It is highly advisable to lessen the amount of cream and sugar added in each of your cup as it increases the risk of health diseases. Coffee helps in lowering the rate of multiple sclerosis and even cleans your arteries.

3. Sex:

From lowering the risk of having a heart attack to keeping you stress free, sex which people usually shy away from talking to is actually beneficial for you. A good sex life keeps your blood pressure in control, helps your immune system an in case of women improves their bladder control. Sex uses about five calories per minute and is a great form of exercise. Too much of sex might cause your body to get tired too soon but twice or thrice in a week sex is of no harm but only benefits.

4. Marijuana:

Having earned a bad reputation for mostly used as a drug for escaping your ongoing situation, cannabis has a bad reputation over all. But surprisingly it is being accepted medically. Many and many people are choosing marijuana as the cure for their diseases. Being legally distributed in 22 stated in the US and as a recreational drug in some states. Researchers have found that it helps people with multiple sclerosis as it helps in reducing muscle stiffness and spasms. Most importantly used in chemotherapy to help patients out with nausea, consuming marijuana under doctor’s prescription or in the right amount might just help you out.

Other things like wine,  LSD, chocolates and many more if taken up in the right amount and under complete avoidance of over dosage come under the list of the bad things which are actually not that bad.