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Crazy laws around the world that will leave your jaw open

Crazy laws around the world that will leave your jaw open

There are many countries in the world where there are crazy laws, though most of them are old and are not enforced but sometimes they are enforced. 50 Cent was arrested for swearing in Caribbean (St. Kitts prohibits the use of profanity in public). Here is a list of crazy laws around the world, and yes some are so weird that you might have to read them twice.

1. You might be jailed or arrested to make funny face at a dog in Oklahoma:

Yes it is illegal.

2. Minnesota has a strange law:

It is not allowed to hang female and male underpants on the same washing line. Yes, very weird.

3. People are not allowed to get divorced in Philippines and Vatican:

 These are the only two countries in the world which does not let its citizen get a divorce. In Vatican, you’re not even allowed to think about one.

4 .Chewing gum:

Since 1992, Singapore government has a ban on importing chewing gum. Only nicotine gums are allowed, but only when you get them prescribed from a doctor. So think before buying a gum there, might just land you in some trouble.

5. Illegal being overweight in Japan:

Yes it is illegal being fat there. The “Metabo Law” states that every men and women aged 40 and over are not allowed to have a waist size more than 32 and 36 inches, respectively.

6. Illegal to throw confetti and spray silly strings:

The town Mobile in Alabama, it bars people from throwing confetti. I wonder what they use wedding and birthday parties.

7. Mock Proposal Law:

In South Carolina, anybody above 16 years of age is not allowed to perform a proposal if they do not mean it. So, you better think before choosing the right partner.

8. Proxy Weddings:

 For people serving in the military, people of Montana can appoint a friend to pretend to be the groom or the bride and the union will still be considered as valid. It is still valid in cases where both the bride and groom are absent, pretty cool I guess.