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Here’s how you can improve your sleeping pattern

Here’s how you can improve your sleeping pattern

A long day at office, tired with all the house chores, stacked in your busy college schedule? Isn’t everybody sleep deprived in today’s chaotic world. A healthy sleep cycle keeps you energetic throughout the day. It’s been noted that more than 30 percent of today’s adult are sleep deprived. It’s usually advised to at least have a sleep for about 6 hours, and us humans are so exhausted from our day to day lifestyle that we crave sleep more than we crave sex.

Some of the ways by which you can improve your sleep are listed below:

1. Set a schedule:

you hear this the most and are probably bored of listening to this advice but accept it or not the human body is not made of wires. The body gets tired of performing all the chores. So try it for a week, go to bed early and wake up with the sunrise. Might just help you better your lifestyle.

2. Cut down on that caffeine:

Yes, it helps us work better. Yes, we love it; but let’s admit it intake of caffeine is one of the reasons you’re not able to have a good night’s sleep. Our generation operates on coffee. It is said that coffee remains in our bed for at least 4.5 to 5.5 hours. So if you can’t totally cut it down, try lessening the number of cups.

3. A lighter meal:

We love to eat, but a light meal before sleeping helps in getting us a better and more peaceful sleep. Either have a meal which is light, healthy and low in calories or have your dinner 2 to 3 hours prior to your sleep and let it digest. Indulge in a lighter meal and try avoiding on those spices and fatty foods.

4. Give technology a break:

Spending time on social media sites, keeping a tab on your Instagram and Facebook feed, staying up and spending hours on chats. Accept it or not, we don’t realize how much time we waste on all these social media platforms. For college students, being up all night and keeping their Instagram feed all pretty has become a necessity, even the adults don’t lack behind. What we fail to realize is that these habits are hindering our sleeping pattern and for a good peaceful sleep you need to take a break from technology and keep your smartphones away.

5. Workout:

A daily workout like a nice morning walk or half an hour of cardio won’t only help you with your anxiety and depression but also with your sleep cycle. Workout exhausts your body, which helps you get a better sleep and also keeps you healthy. This is the reason why working out is number one priority for so many human beings around us.

6. Get to something else:

Getting up and tired of tossing while exhausted. Get on to something else, like, read a book, get to your work and have a nice warm glass of milk. The more you let your body relax, the more it’ll help your inability to sleep.

7. Visit a doctor:

If you’re sleep deprived and none of the above solutions helped you,      then you might be suffering with insomnia.
Here’s what we recommend, try going to a doctor or therapy, you might not be able to get a good sleep because of anxiety or depression issues. Therapy has helped many people with insomnia and might just be your cure as well.
So try on these easy steps and find yourself in the bed enjoying a peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams!

I’m going to my bed, till then share this article with your friends and stay tuned for more.