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Is it worth taking a gap for the preparation of entrance exam

Is it worth taking a gap for the preparation of entrance exam

You had to take admission in some top college but you your score in the entrance exams were too low. Then is it worth to take a year gap and prepare for your entrance exam?

Let's find this out taking a year gap is worth or not?


This is basically a time gap between your official education to the next official education you start. Many students in India take a year gap to prepare for entrance exams. In foreign countries people take year gap to travel or do some job. But in India, students do it to get better colleges and make their career more better. Students prefer taking year gap so that properly focus on their papers and clear it with extinction grades.

How can taking a gap year to prepare for entrance exams help?

“If you are successful , being an alumni of these colleges propels you into a global elite respected worldwide . Being associated with these institutes brings prestige and respect that is invaluable.”-Says Vivek Bhat(FIITJEE coaching classes).

Students dreams exist in getting the admission into colleges like IIT’s ,IIM’s or AIIM’s.  Students appear for these examinations with their regular education. But those who scores less in these examinations take a year gap and prepare dedicatedly to get admission in such colleges.

Getting such reputed colleges leads to secure future because the placement packages are really good. Year gap helps to get such colleges because during our 11th-12th, we have lot of distractions. Also there is load to score well in the boards too. So this becomes difficult to handle on the both sides. Here year gap helps to concentrate really well for the entrance exam.

How can a gap year hurt?

Now the next part is if you have cleared your examination using your year gap and you have a good college, your year gap will turn into a fruitful and right decision from you. But if you do not succeed, and get admission in a normal college which you could get before the year gap, this year gap will be a curse for you for your lifetime. You will always regret that why you wasted one year. Infact in the interview or anywhere you have to mentioned what you did in your year gap.

Easier said than done.

While attempting these exams you are up against some of the brightest minds in the country, are you sure you can manage in the second attempt what you couldn’t in first?

You have to make sure why are you going for a year gap? Is it because your parents wants to? Or is it because your friends are doing the same? Or is it about the good package you will get? Analysis yourself properly before going for a year gap, because this will lead to your dedication , hard work for the examination you have to appear. Because you have to compete lakhs or students and also show to the people who will speak bad about after you fail.

Psychological side effects

Year gap has psychological effects also. You may feel very energetic in the beginning but, after some time you may fall apart and become negative that why did you made this choice. This also occurs when you see your friends doing better than you. So if you plan for year gap, you have to be mentally very positive and strong.

Plan a successful gap year

Now you are ready to take a year gap so plan it to be successful. Make routines, stay strong, eat healthy food, take proper sleep and follow your routines properly. Contact your teachers, your seniors and take the help from them and study hard.


Let us know what you think about this in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more.