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Why Woman Empowerment should be our priority

“A women who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on planet”- Mohadesa Najumi

Why Woman Empowerment should be our priority

Women empowerment means to unfetter females to be more personally independent and take their own decisions without any external contributing factors. It means to make women more individualistic in all aspects by leaving all the limitations set by the society or family aside, making them thereby equal and helping them to claim their rights. Women empowerment is paramount for the better and brighter future of a nation. Approximately 50% of the population consists of women and the majority of them have not been given equal opportunities as that of men which conclude to a large part of them being unemployed, This also declines the economy of the nation. A country cannot be developed unless women are confined by the social taboos set by the patriarchal society.

Women have been a target to many atrocities like domestic violence and the other gender biased practice which encourage men since times immemorial. The struggle women face starts at their birth itself as a boy is preferred over a girl. This leads to issues like female Infanticide. Women have been suppressed and their opinions hold no value over that of a male since centuries in India and other countries as well. The wrong practices held in ancient times have now been given a name of tradition and culture to carry on with the bridling. Even though women are considered as goddesses and worshipped in India they are still not given the status they deserve in the society.

In the words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “when women move forward the family moves forward, the villages move forward and the nation will move forward”. Women Empowerment will lead to a higher literacy rate, education for women. It will also help in raising better healthcare standard, making them more aware of their rights and duties as a responsible citizen. If women get empowered it will stem them to have a voice and will leave a strong and efficacious impact on the society. Indulging women in direct decision making will help them improve their social and economic status and will further help to integrate the building of a more developed and better nation.

In recent years many socio-political changes have taken place in the society in order to uplift women and empower them. Many modern societies, NGOs and self-help groups are majorly working for this cause. Women are also trying to be more open minded and coming out by breaking the primitive and futile barriers even though they are generally the victim to heinous crimes like rape, dowry killing, acid attacks etc. The government has been passing certain acts, policies and schemes solely focused to contribute in this direction like the National Mission for Empowerment of women (2010), Support to Training and Employment programme for women (STEP-2013).

However, to rectify such a big issue ceaseless effort from every individual is required where the regressive practices and norms have to be eradicated entirely from the society and women are given a free will.