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5 ways office goers can stay in shape

Rise up the corporate chain while keeping your waistline trim with these smart tips

5 ways office goers can stay in shape

Corporate corpulence is a modern-day monster that gets bigger as we advance towards 2020. You may have noticed a tendency to gain weight the further and further you move into your career; this is because as salaries get fatter, workload increases and so does desky paper work, pizza deliveries are more frequent and overtime becomes the norm. Where's the time to work out and cook your meals? However, being overweight can hurt your career too. Studies show that executives who have a higher-than-normal BMI (body mass index) are promoted less than their slimmer colleagues. Reason enough to shape up before it gets too late? Alldatmatterz has come up with some smart tips to stay fit on the job.

1. Eat a second breakfast

Of course, you are too rushed to eat a good ol fashioned wholesome brekkie on weekdays. We suggest breaking breakfast up into two parts – a quickie at home and a longer one in office. A smoothie will do just fine at home. Keep some low-sugar energy bars and peanut butter in the drawer at work. Spread on whole wheat bread before noon for a slow carb brekkie.

2. Make desk lunches the past

Eating at the desk is for losers. We don't mean it in the snooty personality-type sense; if you aren't opening your lunchbox in the cafeteria, you are putting yourself at risk of mindless eating. You will be multi-tasking during an important meal of the day and won't feel full for long.  

3. Go for a mid-day jog

Make space for a pair of trainers and tracks in your cabinet at work (or the locker if you don't have storage space). Go for a short jog around the block when time permits; work up a sweat before lunch. Even a half hour sprint session will leave you with those feel-good hormones and bust stress for the rest of the day.

4. Right macros at business dinners

You can't avoid that all-important dinner with clients so control what you eat. Snack on almonds and super seeds on the day of the dinner so you aren't gobbling on starters when you get to the restaurant. Order nutrient-dense, high fibre dishes (with a good amount of vegetables) to fill you up and lean protein to avoid overeating. 

5. Learn bodyweight exercises

Squats, lunges, push ups and crunches can be done anytime, anywhere... even in a quiet office corner. On the days you miss gym, take 15 minutes out for a quick workout. Get 15-20 reps of these exercises in quick succession and you've got yourself a strength training session. Bodyweight exercises don't require any equipment or weights and are efficient in fat-burning.

Have any more ideas to stay in shape on the job? Put them down in the comments below while we smash an afternoon office workout.