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Pet dos and don'ts

Your pet know-how

Pet dos and don'ts

Deciding to buy a pet? It will be one of your best decisions ever. Pets change your life for the good, but with getting a pet, you also need to know their proper care regime because any slack in that will harm your pet in adverse ways. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you have to follow when you have a pet at home.


  • Just like us humans, pets also need love and affection. If you don’t shower them with enough attention, they can get depressed and withdrawn.

  • Research well on the kinds of food you can feed your pet. Don’t go guessing or don’t feed them your left over as this can be bad for its body. You can also talk to vet to get expert opinion

  • If you want your pets to follow some rules in the house, you have to be constant in enforcing those rules. This doesn’t mean that you physically harm them.

  • You need to provide a safe shelter for the pets. You cannot leave them out of the house during the night without any proper shelter.  

  • Regular visits to the vet are a must to check for any fleas or ticks. The proper vaccinations should also be done for the overall safety of all the members of the house.

  • Almost all pet treats are the same but just to be sure you can read the label if you want and do proper research before you buy one. Pro tip- always buy the most popular brand, don’t trust new brands.


  • Do not, I repeat do not ever hit your pets. They are trusting creatures and even if they disobey you, it was unintentional. Any physical harm will eliminate all the trust and love they have for you.

  • Don’t bathe your pet too often. Animals have dry skin and bathing them too often can give rise to allergy inducing pet dander.

  • Don’t overfeed your pet. Yes, yes, I know you are a sucker for those puppy eyes but don’t fall for that trap. This leads in weight gain and ultimately health problems and even untimely death.  

  • Don’t expect your pet to behave like humans; it is an animal at the end of the day. It will make a mess in your house but that is just its way of showing you love and affection

  • Don’t let your pet get into any danger inside or outside the house. Make sure you make a safe environment for the pet to live in.

Go buy that furry ball of happiness already!