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Millennial problems

Millennial problems

When faced with the question ‘Do you want to settle down and have kids?’ millennials are shrugging their way away. The popular opinion nowadays is that 20 something youth doesn’t want a child at all. They are perfectly happy in their loves with or without a partner.  Gone are the days when marriage’s sole purpose was to reproduce and increase the population, millennials are choosing otherwise.

Today’s working class is more interested in achieving their life goals and not being tied down by the responsibility of having a child and disrupting their entire lives. They are more goal oriented and have an open mind when it comes to having children at all.

This comes as quite a shock to all our grandmothers of course who believe that we women were put on this earth to procreate and carry on the family line. Guess what Gram, that’s old school and we don’t give a damn. We’d rather be childless all our lives than raise a child in this jerk of a world that is wrought with war and disaster. This is a dystopic world with a selfish view of life- to each his own, as they say.

Movies like Shudh Desi Romance and Befikre have also pushed the generation into seeking new definitions of love and life because now living with a partner out of wedlock is considered to be the new relationship fad, which doesn’t go down well with some older generations. This also spares us from the problem of lifelong commitment, something else that we rapidly run away from.

This may seem odd as this is India and we don’t tolerate such living situations, but in truth, it is happening. People are becoming more and more vocal about what they want and how they want to live their lives.