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Dos and Don’ts in Indian Marriages: Your Guide to North Indian Weddings

Dos and Don’ts in Indian Marriages: Your Guide to North Indian Weddings

I am sure you are flooded with weddings cards this year. Most people would use the old trick of eeny meeny miny moe while some (like me) will visit every wedding because North Indian weddings are the birth place of comedy circus. So here is your guide to the Great Indian Laughter, ooops sorry, Weddings. From melodrama to sob opera to saas bahu tamasha you will find it all here-

  • Survey the landscape- chose a wise spot to eat

The first stage to any Indian wedding is to survey your landscape and locate the food, drinks, DJ, Chinese chaat stalls. Now that you know where things are chose a spot which is easily accessible- where other guests don’t disturb you.

  • Stay Away from Gossip Uncle and Aunties

The most annoying aspect of North Indian Weddings is the uncles and aunties who are constantly looking for the next bride and groom. They are more concerned about your future than your parents. So the best solution to this is –avoid them.

  • Focus on the starters and desserts because Main course will disappoint you

Most people attend weddings for free food. The starters in weddings are a treat for taste buds but the main course will disappoint you. So you better enjoy the chaat-tikki-mocktails-chinese stalls.

  • Control your facial expressions

The first rule of any social gathering is to control one’s facial expressions because there will be times when you would wish to strangle your obnoxious relatives or commit suicide due to excessive drama. So just a piece of advice- control your emotions and facial expressions. And do repeat this chant- Humko Man ki Shakti dena

  • Crushes and infatuation- they will turn out to be your cousins

Weddings are also about get together- you are bound to find interesting people but do avoid making crushes because they will surely turn out to be your door ke rishtedar ke bache.

  • Say no to marriage advice

I once committed the sin of giving an anti-marriage advice. This apparently offended everyone around me. Talk about freedom of speech! So do avoid repeating my errors.

  • No to self-obsession

No matter how great you look, try avoiding clicking selfies in weddings. It’s really annoying.

  • Stay away from naagin dance

Yes you will surely have a drunk uncle with his naagin dance. Indian weddings are incomplete without them.

  • Say no to dj wale babu gaana chala do

Requesting songs from the Dj is another thing you can avoid. Dance like no one is watching on all songs that are played.

We hope these points will make your marriage experience tolerable. Happy wedding.